from the President


We aim to become a “comprehensive life industry”
player in close contact with local communities.

Toshihide Ogura, President and Representative Director
Mie Kotsu Group Holdings, Inc. 

Toshihide Ogura

I would like to express my thanks for the outstanding support that the Mie Kotsu Group’s business receives.

As the pure holding company that oversees the Mie Kotsu Group, the Company plans and implements the Group’s basic strategies while also promoting and supporting the business activities of each company and business in the Group. With the Mie Kotsu brand power and reliability as the foundation, the four different business areas of transportation, real estate, distribution, and leisure services collaborate and complement each other to build a structure that is able to respond to risks. In this way, the Company is aiming for becoming a “comprehensive life industry” player that achieves sustainable growth in close contact with local communities. Also, the Company believes that key to a corporate group’s survival is continuing to be useful to customers and local communities and earning their trust. Because of this, the Company will continue to deliver safety, peace of mind, reliability, and comfortable services.

At the G7 Ise-Shima Summit held in May 2016, the Ise-Shima region of Mie prefecture, where the summit was held, attracted attention and received high praise for its tourism, history, food, culture and more. Also, starting in April 2017, one of Japan’s largest confectionary festivals was held for the first time in Mie prefecture with the title “National Confectionary Exposition in Mie 2017”. As a post-summit event, it attracted even greater crowds.

In regard to consolidated results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017, ordinary profit hit a record high for the Group at 5,400 million yen and profit attributable to owners of parent also hit a record high for the fifth year in a row. Going forward, while continuing to work toward accomplishing the goals set out in the Mid-term Management Plan established in February 2016, the entire Group will aim to boost profitability and expand business by enhancing collaboration within the Group and maximizing the utilization of the Group’s collective strength.

We ask for everyone’s continued support and cooperation.

November 2017