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Terms of Use

Please read and agree to the following terms of use before using the website (holdings.sanco.co.jp, hereinafter, “this website”) for Mie Kotsu Group Holdings, Inc. (hereinafter, “the Company”).

1. Links to this site

In principle, the Company does not limit links to this website. However, please refrain from displaying links that could cause confusion for our customers such as setting up a link to display this website directly in the window of another website.

Also, we recommend that you set links to direct to this website’s top page (https://holdings.sanco.co.jp/english/). Please be aware that links set to direct to anything other than the top page may become invalid in the event that the Company changes the address, which it may do at its own convenience and without warning.

2. Copyright and other rights

The rights relating to all content on this website (copyrighted materials, portraits, marks, etc.) belong to the Company, or the Company, based on contracts, holds the intellectual property such as relevant copyrights or holds the right to use them.

While you are free to browse the content provided on this website, unauthorized use and reproduction (downloading) for any purpose other than private use by an individual or in a home are prohibited.

3. Trademarks

All the trademarks (logos, marks, etc.) on this website belong to the Company or to the rights holders who grant permission to the Company to use their trademarks. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

4. Email

In some cases the Company may respond to customers’ inquiries by email. However, if a customer’s email is infected with a virus, the Company’s mail server will automatically block the email and it will be deleted. As a result, there are cases in which a customer’s email does not reach the Company and the Company is unable to respond to the customer.

Also, there are cases in which, with customer approval, the Company will provide customers with a variety of information through email. The Company owns the copyright to these emails and any re-use such as on another website or in printed materials without the Company’s permission is prohibited.

5. Legal Disclaimer

This website is not a solicitation or offer to buy or sell securities or related financial instruments. Ultimately, please make any investment decisions according to your own judgment.

The customer is solely responsible for all use or browsing of this website. The Company will be held in no way responsible for any kind of trouble or damage caused by the information provided on this website or when using this website.

The Company provides no guarantee regarding aspects of this website such as completeness, accuracy, security, or usefulness. Also, the Company assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions.

6. Forward-looking statements

The plans, forecasts, strategies, etc., provided on this website that are not historical facts are forecasts for future performance and include risks and uncertain factors. This information is prepared based on judgments made by the Company using currently available information. It is possible that the actual performance may differ substantially from the performance forecasts due to various significant factors. As such, please refrain from relying solely on these performance forecasts.

7. Suspension, termination, modification, and discontinuation of website services

The Company may suspend, terminate, modify, or discontinue the services of this website without notification due to system maintenance, malfunction, fire, power outage, natural disasters such as earthquakes, or other operational or technological factors. The Company will be held in no way responsible for any damage this may cause.

8. Customer privacy

The Company handles the personal information provided by customers with care and strives to protect their privacy.

9. Applicable law and court with jurisdiction

All matters related to this website, including disputes, shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Also, all disputes related to this website shall be under the primary exclusive jurisdiction of the Tsu District Court.